Sunday, November 8, 2009


LGBT History Month
This is Baruch College's second annual recognition of LGBT History Month (No longer known as LGBT Appreciation Month). We have many events during this month, kicking off with Freak Fest which is Baruch's biggest Halloween party on 10/29/09. A Drag contest will be held on that night for both Men and Women so be prepare to 'WORK IT OUT' and show Baruch what you're made of.

The second event for the month is:
Homosexuality and Religion-
Nov. 5th, Thursday, NVC 3-215, 6-9pm.
This will be an event in which we will go into discussion of the incorporation of Homosexuality into organized Religion. So come join us! Free Refreshments!

The third event for the month is:
Coloring Up Your Future-
Nov. 12th, Thursday, NVC 2-125, 12:30-2:20pm.
This is an event in which speaker, Alfonso Quiroz will come and give a talk about the ability of an distinguished openly gay man, whom has broken through the "gay glass ceiling" to work in high positions in his profession. Free Refreshments!

The fourth event for the month is:
Glass Movie Event-
Nov. 17th, Tuesday, NVC 3-215, 6-9pm.
Come and join us as we watch the biographical film of a famous gay activist and politician. It will be a night worth enjoying. Free Refreshments!

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