Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Gain for the Gay Agenda!

Attempts by conservatives to stifle pro-gay marriage initiatives have been beaten as Washington D.C. joins five other states--Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut--in permitting same-sex couples to marry. The measure went into effect on Wednesday as gay couples from the nation's capital rushed to obtain marriage licenses in the wee hours of the morning as a means of rejoicing in another milestone for equal rights. Much political praise is attributed to Mayor Adrian Fenty who signed the bill titled Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Act into law in December 2009 after the D.C. council voted in an overwhelming majority--11 to 2--to allow gay couples to marry. Given Washington D.C.'s unique status the law was required to undergo a 30 day Congressional review period which came to a conclusion on Tuesday with no veto, consequently, allowing it to stand and go into effect. While dissenters towards the law are rampant in D.C., the feeling of hard won victory can still be cherished among residents in the district. Perhaps Rev. Dennis Wiley, co-pastor at Covenant Baptist Church has assessed the landmark event most accurately:
"Love has won out over fear. Equality has won out over prejudice. Faith has won out over despair."

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