Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey Bearcats and Friends,

Tuesday starts the final week of Baruch's celebration of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender History Month. Baruch GLASS would like to thank everyone who attended our events and all the clubs and organizations who co-sponsored with us. This has been one of our most successful and eventful years. As promised, the month will go out with a bang.

Tuesday during Club Hours Baruch GLASS is hosting 
Rainbow Cinema
For the past 50 years, media depictions of LGBT people have not been accurate. Gay men are shown to be effeminate; lesbians and bisexual women are objectified; the transgendered community gets treated like clowns; and cross-dressers and drag performers are labeled gay, regardless of their orientation. At Rainbow Cinema we will view clips from a few movies from different time periods and have someone provide some background about them (how they were received in their time). Then we will watch a film that focuses on the problems of the LGBT community. A discussion of its time context, cultural impact and how mainstream audiences view LGBT people will follow.

Thursday during Club Hours is our Closing Ceremony. 
It will be held on the ROOM 2-125 in the Vertical Campus building (room number still pending). The ceremony is going to be a wrap up of LGBT History Month which will include a guest speaker and a recap video showing photos and videos from all of our events. We will be presenting all of the clubs who have cosponsored the month with us certificates of appreciation, as well as our guest speaker, and the members of the committee.

Thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm is the event you have possibly all been waiting for: Fright Night. Baruch GLASS's 8th annual Halloween Party 
It will serve as an evening of fun where the entire Baruch community can celebrate the LGBTQIA community and LGBT History Month, all free from discrimination. The theme is Haunted Carnival and guests and encouraged to come as they are and feel free to be themselves (or to put together an amazing costume of course!). There will be many fun activities including a photo booth and two costume competitions, one for the scariest costume and one for the best representation of an LGBT icon. 

Hope to see you all there! Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Good afternoon all,

Yet another awesome week has passed in Baruch's celebration of LGBT History Month. On Tuesday, we had the event Global OUTrage: The Fight for LGBT Rights. The aim of that event was to learn about how counties besides the United States deal with inequality. We had a Skype session with journalists from The New York Times ​who described LGBT communities overseas, including those of Russia and Nigeria. 

On Thursday, Baruch GLASS co-hosted with the Star Career Developmemt Center for the event Queer People of Color in the Workplace. There, GLASS's Vice President had questioned prepared for the five panelists that came to speak about the companies they work in, and how growing up as an LGBT person and a member of another minority group has impacted their professional lives. Our guests were from Viamcom, McCann, Moody's, GLAAD, and Bloomberg. Each panelist was able to offer viable advice to us college students (who all stress about jobs) such as: research a company's culture before you commit to working there; establish a level of credibility in your company to get your voice heard; and, always stay true to your personal values. We also had the great opportunity to ask them our own questions and to do a little networking afterwards. 

This week is the last week of LGBT History Month! Please join us for Tuesday's event during club hours, Rainbow CinemaThursday's event during Club Hours, 
Closing Ceremony, and our annual Halloween Party, Fright Night (formerly known as Freak Fest), which is scheduled for Thursday night from 6pm to 9pm.

See you all soon! Thanks for your continued support and attendance! 



Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Good Morning All,

As promised, Baruch GLASS is hosting even more exciting events this week starting Tuesday. On Tuesday during Club Hours we will be hosting the event 
Global OUTrage: The Fight for Universal LGBTQ Rights. We will be learning about the constant global struggle for equality. It is true that the LGBTQ community has come a long way in the recent past, including in marriage equality and in cultural integration, but it is true that the fight is not over. We invite the entire Baruch community to hear about the struggles faced within one facet of our proudly diversified school.   

Next, on Thursday during Club Hours GLASS is hosting the event titled 
Queer People of Color in the Workplace. There we will be discussing the hardships one faces as being both a member of the LGBTQ community and a member of another minority group. We are excited that we have the opportunity to hear from panelists from the following companies: Viacom, McCann, Moody's, Bloomberg, GLAAD, and LGBT Community Center

Dress to impress if you please! 

See you guys there.

Elisa Buttafuoco

Friday, October 17, 2014



Baruch's celebration of LGBT History Month is continuing to impress. This week, GLASS proudly hosted three events. 

Wow! On Tuesday during Club Hours we proudly invited allies and members of the LGBT community to Straight But Not Narrow: Supporting the LGBT Community. We discussed what it means to be an ally and the importance of making our peers and loved ones feel comfortable enough to flaunt who they are. Regarding the atmosphere of the event, GLASS President Joshua Altamarino (aka James Altam) said it created a "safe, open space for both allies and LGBT persons to ask questions and become informed" about current issues the community faces daily. If this event left you hungry for more, be sure to join GLASS for its first ever Ally Week in November!

Thursday was jam-packed with great events, starting with an informative conference-type event during Club Hours called Making Strides: The Importance of LGBTQIA Non-Profit Organizations. There, representatives from NPO's on the front lines of the LGBT community's struggle for equality, including Hetrick Martin Institute, The Bailey House, The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce New York (NGLCCNY), The Ali Forney Center, and Lambda Legal came to speak. Each of them described to us the reality of being a part of a NPO and how rewarding it is to know that you played a crucial role in bettering a young person's life. Even though our President was battling a cold, the event went off without a hitch. 

Later that evening, we had the treat of attending the Gender Role Workshop. There we learned about the various different types of gender identities and played games which helped us realize how many stereotypes there are surrounding the "roles" of men and women. We each left with this message in our minds: The bottom line is that we should each be our own people, and feel empowered to be true to ourselves. 

Stereotypes and norms do not make you who you are. 

What a week, guys! Stay tuned for our next events, continuing this week! 

Making Strides: LGBTQ NPO Panel 

Elisa Buttafuoco 

Monday, October 13, 2014


Good Evening Everyone!

Tomorrow is the Straight But Not Narrow, an Ally event where one can learn how to be an ally and what they can do to make each place a safe place for the LGBT community. Christie Chala from Dare to Engage and Ryan A. from the Counseling Center will discuss what to do as an ally as well as how to face certain situations. Bring a friend and come on by!!

On Thursday October 16th

Interested in what others are doing for the LGBT Community?

Hear from non-profit organizations that help the LGBT Community each and every day. Organizations like Lambda Legal Bailey House , The Hetrick-Martin Institute and National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce New York (NGLCCNY) will discuss their organization’s goals, address current struggles, and provide you information regarding volunteering.
Don't miss this opportunity to network with the best and seeing what YOU can do to make the world a safer place for the LGBT Community.

Kimberly Torres