Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey Bearcats and Friends,

Tuesday starts the final week of Baruch's celebration of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender History Month. Baruch GLASS would like to thank everyone who attended our events and all the clubs and organizations who co-sponsored with us. This has been one of our most successful and eventful years. As promised, the month will go out with a bang.

Tuesday during Club Hours Baruch GLASS is hosting 
Rainbow Cinema
For the past 50 years, media depictions of LGBT people have not been accurate. Gay men are shown to be effeminate; lesbians and bisexual women are objectified; the transgendered community gets treated like clowns; and cross-dressers and drag performers are labeled gay, regardless of their orientation. At Rainbow Cinema we will view clips from a few movies from different time periods and have someone provide some background about them (how they were received in their time). Then we will watch a film that focuses on the problems of the LGBT community. A discussion of its time context, cultural impact and how mainstream audiences view LGBT people will follow.

Thursday during Club Hours is our Closing Ceremony. 
It will be held on the ROOM 2-125 in the Vertical Campus building (room number still pending). The ceremony is going to be a wrap up of LGBT History Month which will include a guest speaker and a recap video showing photos and videos from all of our events. We will be presenting all of the clubs who have cosponsored the month with us certificates of appreciation, as well as our guest speaker, and the members of the committee.

Thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm is the event you have possibly all been waiting for: Fright Night. Baruch GLASS's 8th annual Halloween Party 
It will serve as an evening of fun where the entire Baruch community can celebrate the LGBTQIA community and LGBT History Month, all free from discrimination. The theme is Haunted Carnival and guests and encouraged to come as they are and feel free to be themselves (or to put together an amazing costume of course!). There will be many fun activities including a photo booth and two costume competitions, one for the scariest costume and one for the best representation of an LGBT icon. 

Hope to see you all there! Happy Halloween!

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