Saturday, October 25, 2014


Good afternoon all,

Yet another awesome week has passed in Baruch's celebration of LGBT History Month. On Tuesday, we had the event Global OUTrage: The Fight for LGBT Rights. The aim of that event was to learn about how counties besides the United States deal with inequality. We had a Skype session with journalists from The New York Times ​who described LGBT communities overseas, including those of Russia and Nigeria. 

On Thursday, Baruch GLASS co-hosted with the Star Career Developmemt Center for the event Queer People of Color in the Workplace. There, GLASS's Vice President had questioned prepared for the five panelists that came to speak about the companies they work in, and how growing up as an LGBT person and a member of another minority group has impacted their professional lives. Our guests were from Viamcom, McCann, Moody's, GLAAD, and Bloomberg. Each panelist was able to offer viable advice to us college students (who all stress about jobs) such as: research a company's culture before you commit to working there; establish a level of credibility in your company to get your voice heard; and, always stay true to your personal values. We also had the great opportunity to ask them our own questions and to do a little networking afterwards. 

This week is the last week of LGBT History Month! Please join us for Tuesday's event during club hours, Rainbow CinemaThursday's event during Club Hours, 
Closing Ceremony, and our annual Halloween Party, Fright Night (formerly known as Freak Fest), which is scheduled for Thursday night from 6pm to 9pm.

See you all soon! Thanks for your continued support and attendance! 



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