Friday, October 10, 2014

LGBTHM Week 1 Recap

Happy Friday Everyone!

Yesterday was the beginning of LGBT History Month and it had one of the best turn outs Baruch College has ever seen!

Recap of Pride Parade 

Many of our GLASS members, CoSponsors and a few faculty from the Office of Student Life and Dare to Engage marched through the 25th Street Plaza chanting and cheering as other Baruch students joined in on the spirit of LGBT History Month. At 1pm the parade was followed by a reception where Tracy, a trusted advisor to GLASS for many years, shared the history and her experience with GLASS (formerly known as GALA).  All the GLASS E-board and LGBT History Month Planning Committee announced the list of events that will be happening for the next three weeks. 

Special Thanks to Joshua (President & Co-Chair of LGBT History Month) for hosting such an amazing Opening Ceremony!!!

Recap of Open Mic Night 

LGBT poet and writer Elliot Torres opened the night by indulging the audience with pieces from his book and poetry work. Afterwards one of our own Baruch students Taylor Higgs  opened the floor by performing one of his songs. With the creativity flowing the room, other talented performers shared poems, played instruments and sang a song. Many thanks to the cosponsors such as Toastmasters,VSA andWBMB for helping GLASS set up and make that night one of the best starts of LGBT History Month. 

Special Thanks to Frankie (Secretary of GLASS) and Pong (Event Coordinator of GLASS) for putting together this wonderful event!!

Next week will be the Straight But Not Narrow (10/14) and Making Strides: LGBT NPO Panel (10/16)

Stay Tune for more LGBT History Month News!!

Kimberly Torres 
Marketing Chair of LGBTHM2014

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