Friday, October 17, 2014



Baruch's celebration of LGBT History Month is continuing to impress. This week, GLASS proudly hosted three events. 

Wow! On Tuesday during Club Hours we proudly invited allies and members of the LGBT community to Straight But Not Narrow: Supporting the LGBT Community. We discussed what it means to be an ally and the importance of making our peers and loved ones feel comfortable enough to flaunt who they are. Regarding the atmosphere of the event, GLASS President Joshua Altamarino (aka James Altam) said it created a "safe, open space for both allies and LGBT persons to ask questions and become informed" about current issues the community faces daily. If this event left you hungry for more, be sure to join GLASS for its first ever Ally Week in November!

Thursday was jam-packed with great events, starting with an informative conference-type event during Club Hours called Making Strides: The Importance of LGBTQIA Non-Profit Organizations. There, representatives from NPO's on the front lines of the LGBT community's struggle for equality, including Hetrick Martin Institute, The Bailey House, The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce New York (NGLCCNY), The Ali Forney Center, and Lambda Legal came to speak. Each of them described to us the reality of being a part of a NPO and how rewarding it is to know that you played a crucial role in bettering a young person's life. Even though our President was battling a cold, the event went off without a hitch. 

Later that evening, we had the treat of attending the Gender Role Workshop. There we learned about the various different types of gender identities and played games which helped us realize how many stereotypes there are surrounding the "roles" of men and women. We each left with this message in our minds: The bottom line is that we should each be our own people, and feel empowered to be true to ourselves. 

Stereotypes and norms do not make you who you are. 

What a week, guys! Stay tuned for our next events, continuing this week! 

Making Strides: LGBTQ NPO Panel 

Elisa Buttafuoco 

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