Thursday, September 13, 2012

General Meeting Minutes (9/13) and Upcoming JP Morgan Information Event

At today's meeting, we discussed the theme for our Halloween event Freak Fest and came to the decision to have it be "Gender Bender". The idea will be put forward to Student Life and the LGBT History Month Committee. We also went over possible Trans speakers and performers for our finale event. If you have any programs or performers that you think would be amazing for us to have, shoot us an email!

Also, JP Morgan will be hosting an event to meet with LGBT members who desire work in office and asset management. Going to this event will give students a great opportunity to learn about business and share experiences for improving yourself as a job candidate. 

We will be having our next General Meeting next Thursday from 12:40pm-2:20pm in room 4-190 in the NVC Building. 

To apply to the JP Morgan event click here.

See you around campus!

-Jason Robertson (Secretary)

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